April 11, 2021

Denoch Emexicana

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[Guide] Stop those annoying website notification prompts and pop-ups on Chrome in 5 easy steps

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Tired of every website you visit asking you to let them send you notifications and pop-ups? It’s just as annoying as the cookie and newsletter requests and yet another thing keeping you from accessing the content you want to view. There’s no need to smash the keyboard though because it takes just a minute to disable the option in Chrome and thus enjoy a browsing experience without the incessant nagging.

Whether it’s being asked to sign up for newsletters or allow a site to send you notifications and pop-ups on your desktop, browsing can be an incredibly frustrating experience. It’s easy enough to disable these features on Chrome, all you need to do is follow the steps we’ve laid out below.

Step One

Open up the Chrome browser, click on Menu and tap on Settings.

Step Two


Click on Privacy and Security and select Site Settings.

Step Three

Tap Notifications in the Permissions section and disable the “Sites can ask to send Notifications” toggle, which will then block websites from sending you those annoying notifications.

Step Four

Return to Site Settings, scroll down to the Content section, and select Pop-up and redirects.

Step Five

Tap the toggle from Allowed to the Blocked position, and banish pop-ups from your browsing experience. It really is as simple as that to regain control of your browsing experience on the Chrome browser.

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