May 17, 2021

Denoch Emexicana

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Verizon 5G technology speeding up businesses

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Verizon Business CEO Tami Erwin discussed the partnerships with AWS and private British ports on 5G technology and mobile edge computing, during an appearance on FOX Business “Mornings with Maria” on Monday.


Tami Erwin: Verizon has led the world to 5G mobility, fixed wireless access and public edge compute. Today’s announcement really is our partnership with AWS to introduce private mobile compute, which gives companies like Corning the ability to put edge compute in their factories on their campuses. And this one is particularly exciting. It allows robotic capability in manufacturing environments for Corning and something that will be on their campus, sitting on their private network and really excited about the capability this delivers because it really takes 5G to that next edge of really low latency, high-security capability to deliver augmented reality, machine learning, the capability to go faster and better for Corning as a result of this private edge computer…

You know, it’s truly an exciting time as you begin to look at how businesses anticipate technology playing a foundational level in their transformation. We look at businesses that we partner with and we’ve seen because of COVID acceleration of the transformation efforts that they expect and really with 5G and technology, mobility, cloud and broadband at the intersection point of everything that they’re doing. And so the ability to have stimulus money in the marketplace as businesses reimagine how they serve customers, as they reimagine how employees work and what the work forward environment will look like, we believe 5G is perfectly positioned. And Verizon, particularly because we did lead and continue to lead the world in a recent acquisition of sideband spectrum gives us the ability to really amplify and accelerate the efforts that we already had in the market on behalf of businesses that are coming back and saying I have to do things different as a result of COVID and we think we’re very, very well-positioned to be the partner of choice as they look to do that… 


So we think this is really exciting, this is our first private network partnership, it’s based out of the U.K. and what we see with businesses that are introducing private mobile edge compute is that they’re also introducing private networks. And this gives them the ability to really scale the potential as they think about how do they work differently, how do the ports work differently? You know, this solves for them not only the immediate problem of lack of onsite connectivity, but it allows them some advanced capabilities with a private 5G network that we’re partnering with Nokia to deliver reliability through security, low latency. So not only does it provide what they used to get the Wi-Fi, but it changes entirely how they run these ports. And we think it’s a really exciting time to be not only in the market with edge compute, both public and private, but also private networks and then ultimately network slicing. So it gives businesses a lot of choices as to how do they want to build the infrastructure to serve their customers…

We think it’s super important. We’ve been working with Andy and his team now for several years. You don’t just quickly make this happen. This has been something that is we’ve designed and anticipated 5G capability as we rolled out 5G capability. We’ve gone to partners like AWS and they’ve been terrific at helping us really think about how do you innovate and use the power of cloud with the power of 5G networks to really change how businesses can then have compute at the edge and take full advantage of the low latency capability, the complete currency capability that comes with 5G and working with a partner like AWS. When you sit down and you begin to innovate and imagine what you can do on behalf of your customers, we can move very, very quickly. Together, we serve many of the same shared customers, so our ability to move quickly has been important. I also really like that with AWS, we launched first our public computer, which gave a million developers access and now with private. It gives businesses around the world the ability to really say, how do I want to use edge compute on my campus, in my factory, in my hospital to change the outcomes?


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